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For security and monitoring purposes, MailArchiva maintains an audit log of all system activity over time. For instance, when a user performs a specific search, the raw search query is recorded along with the name of the user and his/her IP address.


All audit information is searchable. To search the Audit Logs, click Audit in the top menu. Search queries are entered in a similar manner to the main search interface. For instance, assuming one needs to establish the history of a message with a specific ID, enter the following:


query reference:"<id>" (substituting id with the actual message's id)


Note: To save on disk space, some systems are configured not to record the fact that a particular message is archived. To verify whether this is the case, go to Configuration->Logs, and verify whether the checkbox beside "Record archive notices in audit log (larger log size!)" is enabled or not.


In the above query, MailArchiva will display all activities associated with the message in question. For instance, the results should indicate when the message was archived, who viewed it, and when, if at all, it was deleted by retention policy.



Similarly, it is possible to search for system activity by a user, and see all the activity that occurred in the system by that user.


The audit logs are stored on disk in CSV format. They can be downloaded directly from the file system in the audit log location.



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